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Do you want to create, inspire, connect, make people dream through illustrations and stories, because that’s what makes you really happy? We believe in you and support you all the way in your journey as a (future) illustrator! ♥

My Art Biz Academia - La communauté par des artistes pour des artistes

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Share your art & meet artists

Create your profile, share your illustrations and interact with other artists through our social network! The directory also allows potential clients to filter creators according to different criteria for commissions. In short, it’s your showcase to boost your visibility!

Advice & Inspiration

We give voice to creatives who have a passion to share, a message to convey, a story to inspire – hopefully these stories will give you motivation and useful information to move forward on your own artistic journey!

(Re)define your path as an illustrator

The Illustrator’s Business Plan is a free guide to (re)define a stable foundation concerning your style, your offers, and an action plan to move towards your dreams. Plus, you’ll get access to the Freebie Library, full of useful resources to grow your Art Biz!

Vivre de son art en tant qu'illustrateur freelance


I’m Alice ♥

A budding illustrator who dreams of becoming a freelancer… just like you!

My mission: to connect artists so that we can move forward together, all while creating and doing what we really believe in! I’m 100% sure that we can move forward together in #friendshipeffortvictory mode (yes, I’m totally in love with shonen protagonist’s determination haha~).

I’ve often been told that drawing is not a real job. It’s not true. So many artists make a living out of it. You can make a living from it, too. Whether you’re an amateur, a part-timer, a freelancer – what if we all supported each other to make a living from our passion and share the magic of drawing with the world?

Alone, we go faster.
Together we go further.

Ready to take your career to the next level
& make a living from your passion?

Courses & Masterclasses

Through our courses, we support you behind the scenes and offer you the opportunity to learn from artists who have experienced what you are going through, who understand your frustrations and needs, in order to save you time and years of research, mistakes and trial and error.

Our courses are designed to take direct action to make a living from your art, to get clients, to create your products, in short, to give yourself the best chance to succeed, while feeling supported every step of the way!

Future Freelance Coaching

Theory is good, but experience is better! Sabrina Kaufmann, illustrator & mangaka, offers you a mix of coaching and simulations.

If you want to specialize in private and commercial commissions for publishers, small businesses and independent entrepreneurs, we offer you a total immersion in the life of a freelancer, projects, orders and client negotiations, to help you sell yourself at your true value and live from art on your own terms, with clients who respect you and will love to come back.

You have the ability to make people dream, to inspire and connect, one drawing at a time.
We believe in you and we support you with all we’ve got with the right tools behind the scenes!

If you can dream it, you can do it.
You can make a living out of Art !

♥ What people say about the Academia ♥


I am very happy to have the opportunity to work on my personal project with the coaching of My ArtBiz Academia!

Thank you so much for guiding me, teaching me and pushing me to reach my goal. Thanks to your effective coaching, I feel more and more confident about myself and my drawing skills!


My ArtBiz Academia has been doing so much awesome stuff to help artists fulfill their dreams of making a living off their art 😆

I think even if you’re a beginner artist, you can definitely start thinking about making art your job as long as you have the passion and grit for it. The journey will definitely be long and difficult but as long as we don’t give up, I believe we will definitely make it! The finishing line is always waiting for us 👍

And with @myartbizacademia , you might get to your finishing line even sooner so check it out and find out how you can get started with making a living off your art! 🥰


In case you guys don’t know #myartbizacademia have a look at their account, because they are a fast-growing new platform that are offering support to artists that are starting up and want to turn their passion into a business.

I encourage you to at least download their free business plan, it will do wonders at helping you define your objectives as an illustrator! If you do, let me know how it went 😉


The masterclass on commissions has a good structure, it’s very complete. Adding examples from your personal experience is a great idea, it helps you see more concretely what a client collaboration can be like.

Big up on the part with contracts, it’s true that we never set enough limits, me first. It shows me that I have the right and the duty to set limits.

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K-waii K-fé Arlon