À propos de My Art Biz Academia


What, you draw?

But that’s not a real job!

Do you hate it when people tell you that?

Me too… but I’ve accepted this “truth” for years.

Hi there ♥ I’m Alice.

My dream?

To make a living with art, to tell stories that help people escape their daily lives, that make them dream, that inspires them.

My mission?

To connect artists so that we can move forward together, doing something we really believe in, that thrills us to the core, that makes us get up in the morning with so much energy and ideas.

I was always amazed by these artists who dared to follow their dreams.

Illustrators with their beautiful booths at conventions.

Animators, comic and webtoon artists, mangaka who create magical worlds.

Advertising illustrators whose beautiful posters decorate the windows of shopping streets.

I was both inspired and envious.
There I was, serving espressos and lattes in this little coffee shop, thinking how lucky they were.
And suddenly I realised: you have to fight for your dreams. If you don’t do anything to make them come true, who else will?

So many artists have proved that art is a real and beautiful profession. Why not you and me, too?

The Academia is my way of showing that, together, we can go much further. I still work in that coffee shop. But unlike before, when I go back to my little studio, I have a big motivation that propels me forward: devenir I want to become a freelance illustrator.

This website was designed to support you by showing you:

My journey, kinda like a diary, with my victories, my mistakes, everything I undertake, to learn and move forward together.

Devenir illustrateur freelance avec My Art Biz Academia


Advice from mentors: courses, blog posts and interviews. If they are kind enough to share their experiences to make it easier for us to move forward and save us years of trial and error, we might as well take advantage of it, right?

A community that helps and lifts each other up. Often you are drawing alone in your corner, wondering if you are on the right track against other more experienced, more famous, more talented artists. And it’s so important to have someone who supports you, who simply says, yes, you’re going in the right direction – go for it, you can do it!

If no one has told you yet,
I’m telling you now:

“You can do it!”

Comment vivre de son art

Imagine you get up in the morning.

You open your mailbox. You have a dozen new sales notifications in your online shop. You get a new commission request. You get a few messages from people telling you how they can’t wait to read more of your comics, who compliment your beautiful art prints in their living room.

One message in particular moves you, as a young teenager says he’s just enrolled in art school, and it’s thanks to you that he had the courage to take up drawing again when he thought he “should have chosen a real job”. You smile, and sit down at your table, pencil in hand.

You know this is what you’re meant to do, and you’re happy.

You and I may not be there yet. But we can do it.

I know I’m going to give it my all to live a life that inspires and that I’m proud of.
One pencil stroke at a time.


And you, are you ready to make a living from your art?

Some useless facts to get to know me better


After dropping out of my comic studies because I didn’t feel like I belonged there, I stayed in my little student studio and currently work at Swagducks Café.


  • Creativity. Because you have to dare to dream.
  • Fun. If you’re going to work, you might as well do things that light you up.
  • Community. Together we’re so much stronger.


Disney. As a kid, I wanted to work in animation because I LOVE imaginary worlds.

Shonen. As a hardcore fan, I cry my eyes out when I see determined heroes in #friendshipeffortvictory mode.


  • Addicted to strawberry lattes and coffee shops.
  • I have a Sacred Burma cat, D.Va, and a toy poodle, Flocky.

Ready to develop your passion?

We’re waiting for you! Join the community to get:

  • access to the Freebie Library with useful resources to clarify and develop your creative biz
  • advice, private resources and updates to support and inspire you on your artistic journey (every 2nd Tuesday)


To our dreams XoXo

Alice ♥