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Develop your Biz!

If you want to learn and make a living with art, accompanied by more advanced artists, then you’re in the right place!

Let’s do this together!

Why struggle alone, when you can be guided by others who have experienced what you are experiencing right now?

Cours et masterclasses

Action plans & results, one topic at a time

Courses & Masterclasses

Through our courses, we support you behind the scenes by offering you the opportunity to learn from other artists who have experienced what you are going through, who understand your frustrations and needs, in order to save you time and years of research, mistakes and trial and error.

Ideal for you if you want to:

  • master a specific topic quickly
  • take direct action and get concrete results
  • work at your own pace while being guided with videos, roadmaps & action plans from A-Z

Commissions like a pro!

Future Freelance Coaching

Theory is good, but experience is better! Sabrina Kaufmann, illustrator & mangaka, offers you a mix of coaching and commission simulations that will prepare you for real-life situations to make a living from art with more time, more money and more satisfied clients.


Express Audit

The quick remedy to get clear on your value, review your rates and improve your negotiation skills in three steps:

  • analysis of your offers, prices, contracts, blockages
  • live negociation for a fictional order with classic objections
  • debrief with advice adapted to your character and situation

To gain confidence and affirm the value of your art in front of clients.

1 month

Commission from A-Z

After an analysis of your needs and desires, you manage a complete fictional commission:

  • negociation 1: to gain confidence in speaking
  • creative process: quotes, emails, modifications – your “client” puts you through a lot of real-life cases to master different scenarios
  • negociation 2: at the end with a “new client”, to see your evolution

To become more efficient and work with more serenity and respect.

Do you wanna see results?

and be the next successful project on this list to inspire others? 😉

Inesa created the entire visual identity
and illustrations for the website Critica Comunicación.

“Thank you so much for guiding me, teaching me and pushing me to reach my goal. Thanks to your effective coaching, I feel more and more confident about myself and my drawing skills!

Working on this project has been very useful for me as this is a first professional insight that can help me with the future development of my own website, and can be a first approach of how I can work with future clients.”

Sandra got a publishing contract
& a booth for her first children’s book.

“Having the opportunity to publish my book through coaching has made my dream come true. From contacting the publishing house, writing the story to the drawings. It was a unique opportunity for me!

It gave me more confidence in myself: ‘If I want to do something, it’s possible in the end’ and this would never have been possible without the coaching, without Sabrina who has been my guide throughout this adventure.”

The book is scheduled for September 2021, I will update this beautiful project once it is finished!

Do you have any questions?

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Normally, all useful information is on the pages dedicated to courses and coaching. If you can’t find an answer, email me at or go to the “Contact” page!

I’ll answer as soon as possible ♥