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Becoming an artist sometimes seems so abstract, and often, we don’t know how to start or where we’re heading… but the Academia is here for you!

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You LOVE drawing
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You're ready to tackle commissions, conventions, publishing, online shop
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BUT you somehow feel overwhelmed & don’t know where to start  

Well, My ArtBiz Academia is perfect for you!

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Sign up for our Freebie Library containing FREE resources and tips you can use to get started as an artist & grow your art biz. Every first Tuesday of the month, a new piece of content will be added: cheat sheets, workbooks, useful resources, etc. You are also very welcome to submit your suggestions for upcoming content! :-)
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Connection & Inspiration: this is the Blog’s goal. We give voice to creative people who have a passion to share, a message to convey, a story to inspire – and hope that those stories will empower you to go for your dreams, too! 
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You’re committed to your art and would like to go further, get 1:1 coaching tips and monthly in-depth courses on specific topics to grow your sweet biz, while being supported by an adorable community who goes through the same journey. The Member's Club is committed to YOUR success, with the most concise and easily actionable game plans to guarantee you small wins every single time.  

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studies & resources
Monthly masterclasses and workbooks to grow & monetize your passion, so that you can immediately take action & work towards your goals.
Private 1:1 Coaching sessions tailored to your own personal project - because everyone is unique and has specific needs and should be guided accordingly.
creative community
Take advantage of our community system to showcase your art, meet like-minded illustrators,  ask your questions, support & be supported.
And more!

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Our "Mentors", professionals from different art industries, share their expertise weekly on their YouTube Channels. From Art to Business with Sabrina Kaufmann helps you see the opportunities in the art industry to go beyond illustration as a mere hobby. Nonorama, by Nora Marie Back, focuses on useful drawing exercises and tips you can use to improve no matter your art style and technique.
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